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Aquaculture continues to be the fastest growing animal food-producing sector. The world is facing multiple and interlinked challenges ranging from the impacts of the ongoing financial and economic crisis to greater climate change vulnerabilities. At the same time, the world must meet the food and nutrition needs of an expanding population. The fisheries and aquaculture sector offer opportunities to increase food and nutrition security, alleviate poverty, generate economic growth, and ensure improved use of resources. In 2019, people consumed about 160 million tonnes of fish. In the last five decades, world fish food supply has outpaced global population growth, and today fish provides more than 4.3 billion people with about 15 percent of their intake of animal protein.

Dunkeld Trout Hatcheries, a key subsidiary of the Dunkeld Agriculture group, situated in the trout capital of Africa and within the picturesque Dullstroom Highlands are the Southern Hemisphere’s leading supplier of certified disease-free trout eggs sourced from selectively bred and naturally spawning stock during the Northern Hemisphere’s spring and summer months. Dunkeld Agriculture has invested significantly into the hatchery to ensure a reliable source of up to 80 million live, improved genetic quality trout egg that produce fish with excellent growth rates and guaranteed survivability in a wide range of environments. As part of our quality assurance programs Dunkeld Trout Hatcheries can, with absolute confidence, provide identification from individual parent fish to egg and on to customer as we have full traceability of all our stock.

Through our state-of-the-art recirculation technology, we have complete control over all our systems.  The brood-fish; nursery and grow-out ponds are on individual recirculated systems, representing 3 separate epidemiological units. These units are all situated indoors with cooling facilities, ensuring optimal grow-out conditions. Through temperature control and careful natural selection of parent stock we can assure of clientele of a reliable supply of live trout eggs.